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It's about it to radiate your light!

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Grow your brand online

You want to grow your business online, clarify your messaging and build a brand that your customers love and recommend.

And maybe it’s a side-hustle as you divide your time between several activities. Most courses are unsuitable for the goals you want to achieve, if only you could have personalized services from someone who has walked through that path before AND has the qualifications.

Stop looking radiant lady, everything you need to know to grow your online business is here.

It's about time to radiate your light!

Companies with sustainable activity all have this 3 main aspects:

clarity on their objectives, meanings and resources,
– clear and customized strategies
– a taste for constant improvement so they can adapt to the market’s changes.

Entrepreneurship is not a passive activity and it requires time, resilience, a good knowledge of the technics and evolutions… Well, let’s stop there. We know that you prefer to focus on your expertise. And that’s why we are here! 

We bring our expertise to you so your company can reach the next level. With the right resources, support, mindset, you’d be surprised at what could be achieved.

Meet Leslie

Since 2019, I help entrepreneurs and professionals to re-focus on their priorities and improve their finances.

As a former executive in the audit and financial risk management sector, for 5 years, I have helped financial departments of leading companies in their markets save time and money.

However, I understood that I wasn’t in the right place. I needed to do something different. It wasn’t a new perspective of evolution, nor new responsibilities that would’ve gotten me more freedom or fulfilment.

Everything started after meeting entrepreneurs who were passionate about their services but didn’t know what to do to leap forward.

With Femme rayonnante (head office) and Radiant woman entrepreneur, I wish to bring the online quality support needed to ambitious and passionate female entrepreneurs across cultures.

Today I manage 2 communities, Femme rayonnante entrepreneure (French speaking) and Radiant woman entrepreneur (English speaking). They are growing without relying on paid ads.

I am aware that it’s not easy and I bring my skills, listening, good mood, and punch lines to you if you want to act to make a difference now.



Leslie Destrac, president

Business coach, strategist, mentor

Get clarity on your next actions,
align your processes with your strategies